Monday, September 10, 2007

What's in a name?

So why did I call this blog Fantasy Library Online?

The answer is two-fold. The first is Id like to create a repository of fantasy information here. An online "reference library" for all things Fantasy (and Science Fiction). But I have a larger goal, a dream if you will. I want to start an actual library specifically for Fantasy and Science fiction related material for both public and academic consumption. In my vision there is a library within a library, a public library of materials that are lendable inside an academic library of materials (rare books, draft manuscripts, etc..) that may only be viewed inside the library. I also have some ideas on where I'd like it to be located and a university I'd like it to be related to but that is all in the future.

You'll notice I added advertising to the site. This was not an easy decision as I don't care much for advertising on blogs but for the physical library to have any chance of becoming a reality some sort of revenue will need to be generated. My pledge is to put 100% of any money generated through this site into the founding of a Fantasy and Science fiction library. The very first funds will be used for legal fees to get the Library set up as a non-profit organization. After that we'll be able to accept donations of money and books towards building the Library and the library collection. Pretty ambitious for this humble blog, eh? Well nothing great ever happens unless people dream big. That said if you wish to donate money or books to the project email me. Also if you are a business lawyer and wish to donate some time to help us get the paperwork filed with the government that would be great too.

Here's hoping big dreams come true.

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