Thursday, September 13, 2007

Books on CD.

Sometimes I find it hard to fit in time to read all the books I want to. In fact with job, wife, child, and a zillion hobbies I've found it impossible to keep up with even half the books I want to read. Thankfully more and more books are being released as unabridged audiobooks. It is important to me at least to have unabridged versions to listen to. I'm sure the abridged or dramatized versions are good too but I want to hear every word of the book to judge it on it's original writing not on the interpretation of an editor.

I've found my public library a great source for titles and they have the added bonus of being free. The only downsides of the library is the short time frame in which you have to listen. Usually 2 weeks to a month depending on their lending and renewal policies. For shorter series or stand alone novels I tend to borrow from the library. But for longer and especially on going long series, (yeah I'm looking at you "A Song of Ice and Fire") I like to own the set on CD. The one thing both the "Wheel of Time" series and "A Song of Ice and Fire" taught me is that I will want to reread them prior to the newest title being released and that I will not have time to read 5,000-11,000 pages of novels more than once. So owning these longer titles on CD has always helped me. I can continue to read new novels while catching up on a reread in the car. has been great in this regard. by buying a membership I was able to use my credits and their member discount to get some $60-$80 retail audiobooks for $22 bucks.

Next post will be a review of the books I just finished listening to. Margret Weis' Dragonvald trilogy.

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