Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Trip to the Market 9/24/07

After just a few of these trip to the market posts I'm sure it's become quite obvious I buy more books than I can possibly sit and read right now. Someday I hope to get to them all but I know that's probably not possible until I'm independently wealthy and can retire. (This is not likely to happen soon considering my current age and line of work). At worst I hope someday my collection will be part of the library's collection so even if I don't read them all someday someone will. So what was added this week?

Assassin's Apprentice by Robin Hobb
Destiny by Paul B Thompson and Tanya C. Cook
Voyage of Jerle Shannara Boxed Set by Terry Brooks

So why these three (5)?

Assassin's Apprentice because I meant to buy it two weeks ago.
Jerle Shannara because I own two Brooks novels so I might as well own all of them.
Destiny just to keep my collection current.

You can see from the above statements that I'm an unrepentant collector of stuff. It can can be a bit obsessive but once I have one part of a set of things, assuming I enjoy them, I want the complete set. I think it all started with baseball cards when I was a kid but it has grown into other things as I've gotten older. Now before you start to worry about me, I'm not crazy pack rat guy who has no clean floor space and an entire room dedicated to newspapers and pocket lint. In fact I'd wager my house is as neat as any house inhabited by a two year old boy can be. Besides fantasy novels I also have a growing collection of toy soldiers, specifically medieval knights. Perhaps if you ask nice I'll show you all some pictures some day. Well until next installment of "This Week in Impulse Buying"


(I promise honey we can buy groceries next week)

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